The Ambassadors Book 12 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Book 12 Summary and Analysis


After Strether returns to Paris, he receives a telegram from Madame de Vionnet asking him to come to see her at 9:30 that evening. Ignoring the added message that she would come to him at any time should he find that more convenient, he sends her a reply that he will be there.

Madame de Vionnet informs him that she knew she had not fooled Strether. She tested him and he passed. Chad had let her do this; Chad always let her have her way. She knows Strether will view her as selfish and vulgar, but she asks him to stay with her anyway. She also knows that his life has changed because of her. She starts to cry, and all of a sudden it strikes Strether how old she looks. She tells him that...

(The entire section is 961 words.)