The Ambassadors Book 11 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Book 11 Summary and Analysis


Strether goes to Chad’s apartment repeatedly, only to find him out. Finally, he stays and waits for Chad’s return. When Chad at last comes in, Strether confronts him with Sarah’s report that has placed all the blame on him. Chad reveals that it was he who has pushed Sarah to go see Strether. It is Strether’s belief that it was not Chad whom the Pococks came to Europe to see, but to find out what Strether was doing. Strether tells Chad that he must see Sarah again, and that he wants to end it on better terms with her. They both remind each other that they stand to lose a great deal of money should Mrs. Newsome cut them off. Chad believes that his return home will mean that Sarah will win...

(The entire section is 944 words.)