The Ambassadors Book 10 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Book 10 Summary and Analysis


Chad has a large dinner party in order to display his life in Paris more fully to his family. Strether talks with Bilham about the effect of this on the Pococks. Although Sarah is impressed with such an occasion, she believes that it could be done just as easily, and perhaps even better, in Woollett. Bilham offers Strether his help, which Strether gratefully accepts. Although at one time Strether wanted Bilham’s help in convincing Chad to marry Mamie, now he wants his help to do the exact opposite. He wants Bilham to be the one to marry Mamie. Strether promises to leave him all his property in his will. Mamie, like Strether, had come to Paris to save Chad, in her case by marrying him. Now that...

(The entire section is 970 words.)