Part VI, Chapters 14–20

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Chapter Fourteen

Joe moves his enormous collection of comic books, which represent emotional security to him, into the Clays’ house. Sammy peruses Joe’s new Golem work, which he thinks is excellent, although Joe thinks it will be “too dark” for most. 

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Joe has been in New York since 1949. Initially he had a vague idea that he would return to Rosa after he finished his Golem work. But he waited too long and became paralyzed, unable to approach her again. 

Sammy tells Joe that he thinks they should tell Tommy about his parentage. He says that marrying Rosa was “the easy thing.” He never loved Rosa romantically; rather, he married her because he didn’t want to be “a fairy.”

Sammy reads through Joe’s work while Joe fetches sandwiches from a diner. While they are in Joe’s suite, Anapol arrives unexpectedly and asks how Joe is. Sammy tells Anapol that he has been subpoenaed. Anapol says that he has killed The Escapist, having been losing money on him for some time. The age of costumed heroes is on the decline.

Sammy tells Joe that if he had a million dollars, he’d buy Empire. Joe says, for his part, he has “not quite a million,” and Sammy remembers that Joe put away a lot of money in order to eventually start a family. 

Joe is shocked at how unhappy Sammy is and considers buying Empire Comics for him, but that decision would mean accepting that his own family is gone. Sammy tells him to keep his money.

Chapter Fifteen 

A moving van arrives at the Clay house with a large wooden crate, which excites Tommy. Joe has disappeared, so the Clays presume the crate is part of an escape act. Still, Sammy feels that Joe would have left a note and taken his clothes if he had meant to leave for good. 

Rosa has been expecting Joe’s boxes of comics, but the delivery man has only the crate, and he says it has come from Nova Scotia by way of Penn Station. Rosa signs for the crate, confused. It is very heavy. At this moment, a car pulls up in the drive: Joe is home.

Chapter Sixteen 

The previous night, Joe lies awake, thinking about the possibility of relaunching Empire Comics. He has come to think Sammy may be right about the potential of the Golem—and other superheroes based on Jewish folklore. 

Just before five in the morning, he takes the car and leaves, at first aimlessly. Soon, he finds that he is heading for New York, specifically the credit union where his money is held. He sits outside the building for a long while until a policeman tells him to move on; his decision has been made for him. He cannot get the money today. 

Next, he visits the Jewish cemetery. In a vision, Kornblum comes to him and tells him to go home. When he returns home, he finds that Rosa is furious and crying as she stands by the mysterious crate. Joe recognizes the crate at once as the one that had contained the Golem. Joe opens the box and finds it filled with silt from the bed of the Moldau river in Prague. The Golem has disintegrated. 

Chapter Seventeen 

Sammy is at the trial to which he has been subpoenaed. The subject of the trial is the moral effect of comic books. The prosecution has already connected comics with perversion in the minds of the jury. Further, the prosecution insinuates that Sammy deliberately creates homoerotic and pederastic relationships in all the comics he writes. Finally, before being asked to move on, the prosecution accuses Sammy of having “psychological proclivities,” a euphemism for homosexuality.

Chapter Eighteen 

Joe and Rosa escort Sammy out of the court, aware that Sammy is now feeling at a loss, having been “publicly identified as a lifelong homosexual” in a televised trial. They take him to a bar and order bourbon. For a while, they drink together, and Joe and Rosa comfort Sammy until they...

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