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Antonio Salieri

Antonio Salieri (sahl-YEHR-ee), a court composer and later Imperial Kappellmeister to Joseph II, emperor of Austria. He has dedicated his life and his talents to the greater honor and glory of God and has obtained fame, reputation, and the emperor’s favor. Salieri belongs to a clique of Italians who have culturally colonized the court. His composure is shaken when Mozart, an upstart Austrian prodigy from Salzburg, comes to Vienna and makes a favorable impression on the emperor. Although he never questions Mozart’s talent, Salieri becomes insanely jealous, schemes to ruin Mozart’s career, and ultimately confesses to having killed Mozart before insanely attempting suicide. Salieri is an evil-minded, satanic figure, proud, vain, and humiliated by Mozart. He is the main player and narrator in a parable demonstrating the sin of envy.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (VOHLF-gahng ah-mah-DAY-ews MOHT-zahrt), the genius composer, presented as a crude, vulgar, and tactless young egotist who has absolutely no modesty with regard to his talent. The victim of the drama, Mozart is innocent and naïve in the devious world of court politics, too tactless to veil his contempt for the court Italians and Salieri’s music and too naïve to recognize Salieri as his most dangerous...

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Amadeus Character Analysis

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

We see Mozart through Salieri's memory. Salieri does provide some background information on the famous prodigy. He wrote his first symphony...

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Amadeus Antonio Salieri

Court composer to the Emperor of Austria, Salieri is "the most successful young musician in the city of musicians," yet he is also consumed...

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Amadeus Other Characters

Salieri often addresses the audience to gain their support and understanding as the scenes shift back to the play's...

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