Chapter 1 Quiz Quiz

A 5-question multiple choice quiz on chapter 1 of I Am the Cheese by Robert Cormier.

  1. 1. What was Adam’s father’s favorite pastime (hobby)? a) sleeping                                                                   c) reading b) jogging                                                                    d) working   2. Where were Adam and his father originally headed when they encountered the dog in the woods? a) to the bakery                                                           c) to the record store b) to the library                                                           d) to the school   3. Why had they cut through the woods to begin with? a) Adam’s Dad was collecting leaves        c) Adam needed to use the bathroom b) They thought it was a shortcut            d) Adam’s dad panicked   4. What was Adam’s father’s weapon of choice against the dog in the woods? a) a brick                                                                     c) a tree limb b) a shoe                                                                      d) a gun

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