Alphonse Daudet Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Alphonse Daudet Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Alphonse Daudet’s novels do not fit any single mold. Most frequently labeled as realist, their Romantic traits and emotionalism belie such an easy classification. Although Daudet was popularly regarded as a regional novelist of Provence, many of his novels center on Paris. Criticism has been directed paradoxically at both his excessive moralizing and his immorality, at his tendency toward pity, and at his lack of sympathy. That his novels should represent such a variety of contradictions can be traced, in great part, to Daudet’s changing conception of himself as a novelist. He evolved from a satiric observer to an objective one and eventually to a subjective one. Murray Sachs, in his seminal study of Daudet, The Career of...

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