Almost, Maine

by John Cariani

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In "Getting it back," why is Gayle's bag of love small?

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“Getting It Back” is a scene from John Cariani’s Almost, Maine. There are two characters in the scene, Gayle and Lendall. As the scene opens, Gayle shows up at Lendall’s house and states that she is there because she wants back all of the love she has given him. She goes on to say that she wishes to break up with Lendall, and that she has brought all of his love back, too, because “it’s the right thing to do.” Gayle insists on returning Lendall’s love to him and brings him “an ENORMOUS bunch of HUGE red bags full of love.” Then, she demands that Lendall return the love she gave to him as well.

Lendall returns with a tiny bag, and Gayle is “mortified” stating, “Is that all I gave you?” After some discussion, Lendall explains that Gayle gave him so much love, he “didn’t know what to do with it all,” and so Lendall’s father suggested that he purchase a ring for Gayle. Lendall tells Gayle that the ring contains all the love she gave him, just “not in the same form as when [she] gave it.”

At the end of the scene, Gayle and Lendall kiss and the audience can assume they are reunited.

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