All's Well That Ends Well Overview Quiz

"Love all, trust a few." Trust us to guide you through the ins and outs of Shakespeare's comedy about Bertram and Helena. Take the All's Well That Ends Well Quiz from eNotes to find out everything you need to know! This quiz contains ten questions about all the privilege and problems of royalty.

  1. Who fakes his or her death?

  2. On what does Helena bet her life?

  3. Where does Bertram run away to?

  4. What is Bertram's objection to Helena?

  5. What does Helena decide to do when she hears Bertram's ultimatum?

  6. Where are Helena and the Countess going?

  7. What disguise does Helena adopt?

  8. What crime does Parolles commit?

  9. If Helena wins the bet, what does she want as a prize?

  10. Under what circumstances will Bertram acknowledge Helena as his wife?