Allen Tate Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Although Allen Tate earned his literary reputation as a poet, the majority of his published works are prose. He is well known as an essayist, having published nine books of essays and contributed essays to a number of anthologies, including the Agrarian manifesto I’ll Take My Stand (1930). His other nonfiction works include two biographies, Stonewall Jackson: The Good Soldier (1928) and Jefferson Davis: His Rise and Fall (1929). He also published a critically acclaimed novel, The Fathers (1938), set during the Civil War. Tate also worked as an editor and a translator, editing poetry anthologies and other literary works and translating some of the works of Charles Baudelaire and various classical poets. Each of these works demonstrates at least one of Tate’s three major concerns: poetry, history, and the state of modern culture.