Allan Ramsay Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

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Includes a brief discussion of Ramsay's relation to the Romantic Movement and the political and religious beliefs reflected in his poetry.

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The first modern biographical and bibliographical study of Ramsay.

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Examines Ramsay's use of contemporary and Middle Scots in his poetry.

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A brief biographical sketch and critical analysis of Ramsay's work, focusing on his writing in Scots.

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An overview of Ramsay's life, works, and place in Scottish Literature.

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Analyzes Ramsay's contributions to the "Christis Kirk" genre as an editor and as an original poet.

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Examines the association between language, metrical form, and genre in the 1721 edition of Ramsay's poems and the influence of Ramsay's use of Scots on later writers.

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An early biography of Ramsay that includes three chapters of critical commentary on his works.

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A biographical sketch and brief critical comments on The Gentle Shepherd and Ramsay's other writings.