All Summer in a Day

by Ray Bradbury

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What are five events in Ray Bradbury's "All Summer in a Day"?

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First, the school children gather in excited anticipation of the hour or so of sunshine that is soon to emerge on the planet Venus. The sun only comes out once every seven years on this rain-drenched planet. We learn that the only child in the class who remembers the sun is a girl named Margot, who came to Venus later than the other nine-year-olds.

Second, Williams shows his jealousy of Margot for having seen the sun and being able to describe it. He bullies her and treats her as an outcast.

Third, just as the sun is coming out, the other children show their collective jealousy of Margot's prior memory of sunshine, and, their sense of her as an outsider, by locking her in a windowless closet. This is an especially cruel act as Margot has been pining for the sun to such an extent that her parents have considered leaving Venus early.

Fourth, the children, except for Margot, play in the sunshine. It is such an ecstatic experience that they forget all about Margot until the rain returns.

Fifth, with the rain coming down again, the children suddenly remember Margot. Sheepish and ashamed, they go to release her from the closet when it is too late for her to catch the sunlight.

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The first event that happens in "All Summer in a Day" is that schoolchildren gather in a classroom to witness the first day in their collective memory that it has not been raining outside.

The second event that happens is that the group of children turn against a girl named Margot and conspire to trap her in a closet. They lock her in.

The third event is that it stops raining outside. There is no more sound of rain, the sun comes out, and the children run outside to play.

The fourth event is that one of the children notices that the rain has returned. A violent storm begins, and the children go back inside the school, acknowledging that it will be seven more years before the rain stops again.

The fifth event is the realization that, because of their cruel prank, Margot has missed the sun. They let her out of the closet.

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In "All Summer in a Day," some of the story is in flashback, describing events that happened before the day of the events of the story. On the day that the story recounts, the one day in seven years that the sun comes out on Venus, the following events occur:

1. The children of the "rocket men and women" who live on Venus and go to school there are all gathered at the window, awaiting the predicted appearance of the sun.

2. The children are verbally and physically abusive to Margot. William begins to bully Margot, taunting her and shoving her. The other children join in with William in teasing Margot, telling her that the sun will not really come out today, that it has all been a joke.

3. The children descend upon Margot and as a crowd bear her down the hall to a closet, where they lock her in. 

4. Without Margot, all the children go outside with their teacher, who does not realize Margot is missing. The children run around in the sunshine for over an hour until it begins to rain again.

5. The children return indoors, and remembering Margot, they release her from the closet. 

Although more information is revealed in the story via flashback about things that happened to Margot prior to this day, these are the five events that take place on the day the sun comes out.

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