What evidence from All My Sons suggests Joe's qualities as a father, neighbour, and husband?

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In All My Sons, Joe Keller believes that he is a good father because he goes to great lengths to make his business successful.  Joe dreams of one day passing on the family business to his sons.  As a neighbor, Joe is friendly and invites all to his house to play cards in the backyard.  Several neighbors take Joe up on his hospitality; however, behind his back, they still comment on how they do not believe that he is innocent.  The neighbors, although cordial, see Joe as a loud-mouth who flaunts his wealth around the neighborhood.  Finally, Joe is probably more of a bad husband than he is a good one simply because he expects Kate to hold his dreadful secret for so many years.  Kate knows that Joe was not sick in bed on the day that he ordered Steve to ship the machine parts, yet Joe needs her silence in order to convince everyone else that he is innocent.  Further, Joe expects Kate to continue living under the facade of his being honorable while she knows all along that he is not. 

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