How does Ann react to George's visit in Act 2 of All My Sons?

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In the play Ann and George are sister and brother, both children of the former partner of Joe Keller, Steve Deever. However, they differ in their attitude to their father, who has now been in jail for some time having been accused of knowing about the faulty parts that the factory processed which led to the deaths of the pilots. Ann Deever believes that her father was guilty, and has refused to visit him. George, however, believes that his father is innocent, and that Joe basically set him up. As a lawyer, he represents a significant threat to Joe and his story of how things happened. As George is about to come and visit the house, Jim tells Ann his motive for the visit:

You know why he's here, don't try to kid it away. There's blood in his eye; drive him somewhere and talk to him alone.

George has come to take Ann home, which clearly indicates that he does not approve of the match between Chris and Ann, and that he is considering taking out a legal procedure against Joe Keller trying to accuse him of his part in the crime that his father has served time for alone. Clearly, therefore, Ann is rather worried and shocked by this, and says that she will take George and drive him away. However, before she is able to do so, George enters. He ignores Ann as she refers to his "filthy" shirt collar and what follows is a rather tense meeting between George, Ann and Chris where George forbids Ann to marry Chris because of his belief in Joe Keller's guilt at destroying the Deever family, as he puts it.

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