All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

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Test on All Quiet on the Western Front

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Test on All Quiet on the Western Front

Please write your answers on your own paper.

I. Character identification. Number your paper from 1 – 10. Match each character with the correct description. Write the letter on your paper. (25 pts)

  • 1. Leer 2. Josef Hamacher 3. Paul Baumer 4. Albert Kropp 5. Josef Behm 6. Himmelstoss 7. Westhüs  8. Tjäden  9. Katczinsky  10. Kantorek
  • A. dies on a quiet day on the front B. collapses because of a hip wound and bleeds to death C. takes pride in his reputation as a disciplinarian D. takes the blame for thrown bottle in the hospital E. pressures the young men to enlist F. the first of Paul’s classmates to die G. a peat digger with huge hands H. worries about his leg being amputated I. a skinny locksmith known as the “biggest eater” J. dies from a splinter in the head

II. True and false. Number your paper from 1 – 10. Use a plus (+) for true and a zero (0) for false. (15 pts)

  • Paul and his classmates will have jobs to return to after the war.
  • Kemmerich’s amputation is especially difficult for him because he is a champion skier.
  • The solders in the shell holes have more protection from the gas.
  • The new recruits are inexperienced but well trained.
  • The novel is written from the perspective of Germans.
  • The earth represents friend and mother to the soldier.
  • The schoolmaster describes Paul and his classmates as “Iron Youth.”
  • The men learned important, life-saving techniques from Himmelstoss during early military training.
  • Paul and Kat kill the boy with the hip wound as a mercy.
  • The doctors do not have the time to be concerned about the welfare of all patients.

III. Multiple choice. Number your paper from 1 – 20. Choose the best answer and write the letter on your paper. (40 pts)

  • The men receive double rations (a) as a reward (b) because of unexpected casualties (c) for a victory (d) as inspiration after battle.
  • As the men march to battle, they see (a) wagons of Edam cheese (b) piles of corpses (c) stacks of coffins (d) hordes of rats.
  • Taught front line warfare during rests, the new recruits (a) finally learn how to take cover (b) are too ignorant to remember (c) cannot understand the techniques (d) forget everything in their fear.
  • When Himmelstoss arrives at the front, Tjäden (a) whips him (b) ignores his presence (c) refuses to obey his command (d) makes friends with him.
  • After the scene with the major, Paul (a) changes into civilian clothes (b) goes to the beer garden (c) talks over the incident with his father (d) visits Mittelstaedt.
  • With the return of his senses, Paul promises the dead Frenchman that he will (a) become a printer (b) stop killing the enemy (c) write to the man’s wife (d) keep his medals.
  • The most important theme of his novel is (a) that war will always exist (b) that men will survive (c) that men will always battle (d) that war destroys everything.
  • From their early training, the best thing the men learned was (a) the importance of comradeship (b) trench warfare (c) first aid (d) bombing skills.

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Test on the novel includes objective and short answer questions.