All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes

by Maya Angelou

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What are three major events in All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes?

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The first one would have to be when Guy, her son, breaks his neck, forcing Maya to have to look for a job and a place to live in Ghana.  A second one is when Maya is chosen to drive Malcolm X around when he visits Ghana, and they discussed civil rights issues. The third one would be the experience Maya has just before she is to return to the U.S. and head up the office of the Organization of African-American Unity for Malcolm X. Maya took a trip to a village called Keta, and she had to cross a bridge to get into the village. Going over the bridge, she felt this unexpected, great fear of crossing the bridge. Later, she was mistaken for a relative of some of the villagers who had been taken away by slave traders many years ago, and this experience provided Maya with a sense of coming home, something she had been looking for since she had come to Africa.

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