At All Costs

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

For fourteen years the Brightons have been trying to live inconspicuously under various aliases. They have become experts at eluding the FBI. Jake is accidentally unmasked when the FBI conducts a drug raid at the auto shop he manages. This time the Brightons are forced to confess their identity to their son. Travis is outraged but eventually becomes their ally when they get fed up with running and decide to find out who was really responsible for sixteen murders and a ghastly eco-disaster in 1982.

Their nemesis is an ambitious female FBI agent with all the resources of the United States government behind her. Their quest takes them right back to the still heavily contaminated munitions depot and a bloody confrontation with the FBI mastermind who initially ordered the assassinations to cover treasonous arms dealings with foreign powers.

John Gilstrap’s best-selling first novel NATHAN’S RUN (1996) is being developed as a major motion picture. AT ALL COSTS, obviously conceived with Hollywood in mind, reportedly brought nearly one million dollars for film rights. The plot bears a strong resemblance to two successful movies, RUNNING ON EMPTY (1988) and LITTLE NIKITA (1988), both starring the ill-fated River Phoenix as the teenager who discovers his parents are fugitives. AT ALL COSTS is a real page-turner with a special ring of authority because Gilstrap is an explosives safety expert as well as an environmental engineer.