All Cats Are Gray Topics for Discussion
by Andre Norton

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. If something were a color that people could not see, would that make it black?

2. Why does Steena stay in the background of the places she visits? Why does she not join in the conversations and activity of the taverns?

3. What does the title "All Cats Are Gray" mean? For whom are all cats gray?

4. What about Bat makes him acceptable company to Steena?

5. Steena has avoided capitalizing on her knowledge of riches to be made until the Empress of Mars adventure. Why does she vary from her usual pattern in this particular case?

6. What makes Cliff Moran a good husband for Steena?

7. Why is Bat valuable to have on board the Empress of Mars?

8. What is meant by "happy marriages need no chronicles"?

9. What point is being made when Steena is shown wearing a "flame-red cloak" and "rubies blazing on her wrists"?

10. Why would Norton turn Steena's seeming disadvantage, her color blindness, into an asset? What is the point?