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1. Scientific research more recent than when "All Cats Are Gray" was originally published (1971) suggests that domestic cats do in fact see colors. Briefly summarize this research. What colors do cats see? How have scientists figured out what colors cats can see?

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2. If something was a color that people cannot see, what does science say people would see when they looked at it?

3. What is color blindness? What forms does it take? What causes it?

4. What is electromagnetic radiation? What part of it can human beings see? What parts can be seen by animals but not people?

5. Are there ways to sense electromagnetic radiation without actually "seeing" it? What are these ways?

6. Has Norton written any other stories about cats? What do they have in common with "All Cats Are Gray"?

7. There must be other crazy stories to be found in the "dives" the narrator of "All Cats Are Gray" is familiar with. Imitate his style, pretending he is telling another story about someone he has seen among the free spacers.

8. Has Norton invented any other heroines like Steena? Who would they be? Are their adventures like that of the Empress of Mars?

9. Would Steena stop giving free advice now that she is married and rich, or would she continue to do so? Why or why not? If yes, then invent a story of an adventure she inspires.

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