All Cats Are Gray Summary
by Andre Norton

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All Cats Are Gray Summary

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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There are three mysteries to be solved in "All Cats Are Gray." The first is the mystery of Steena's personality. She is silent most of the time, but when she speaks others listen carefully. She has identified great riches for those who would have them, yet has avoided taking advantage of her own knowledge of where fortunes are made; she has even turned down offers of rewards from the grateful people her ideas have helped to make rich. The secret of her personality only reveals itself during her adventure on the spaceship Empress of Mars. The second mystery is that of her cat, Bat, the only gift she has ever accepted. It behaves in a decorous fashion, draping itself around Steena's shoulders when she moves about, and sitting calmly on tavern tables when Steena chooses to sit. The third mystery is that of the derelict spaceship Empress of Mars, a luxury liner that has long followed a bizarre orbit around the sun, its crew and passengers having disappeared without a trace. Those who have tried to salvage the spaceship have either disappeared themselves or returned to civilization closed-mouthed, refusing to tell anyone about what they experienced. "All Cats Are Gray" is a good adventure, with a twist in characterization that raises it above ordinary fare.