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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll

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Where does Alice find the key in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

Quick answer:

Alice finds the golden key in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on top of a three-legged glass table after she falls down a rabbit hole.

Expert Answers

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Alice is having a rather ordinary day, sitting alongside her sister outdoors, when she spots a white rabbit hurrying by her. For some reason, it doesn't strike Alice as odd that the rabbit speaks and worries that it is "too late." However, when the creature takes a watch out of his waistcoat pocket, Alice is intrigued enough to follow it. When the rabbit disappears down a rabbit hole, Alice follows.

The journey down the rabbit hole takes much longer than she might expect, but finally, Alice lands with a thud on a heap of sticks and dry leaves. Looking around, she again spots the White Rabbit, who is rushing down a long passage and muttering about "how late it's getting." When the rabbit again disappears, Alice is left alone in front of a series of doors but can't figure out how to enter any of them since they are locked.

She finally spots a tiny three-legged table made entirely of glass. The only thing on the table is a golden key. At first, Alice is dismayed, because the key doesn't seem to fit any of the doors in front of her. She finally spots a hidden door, only about fifteen inches high, and the little golden key fits the lock. The key thus provides entrance to the next segment of her grand adventure.

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