Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Analysis

  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland grew out of a story Carroll told to Alice Liddell. The first version of the story was much shorter and written in longhand, but Carroll later expanded it, publishing it in book form with illustrations by John Tenniel.
  • One of the biggest themes in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is the loss of innocence. Alice's experiences in Wonderland force her to grow up, in part to make sense of the absurdity she witnesses.
  • Lewis Carroll parodies many Victorian poems in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Most of the songs and verses included in the book are in some way inspired by these popular poems, such as those by Robert Southey, Isaac Watts, and Mary Howett.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was originally told to entertain a little girl. One of the devices Lewis Carroll uses...

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