Alias Grace Summary and Analysis: Sections 7-8, Chapters 21-31

Margaret Atwood

Summary and Analysis: Sections 7-8, Chapters 21-31

Section 7: Snake Fence
Chapter 21

The narration returns to third-person point of view, focusing on Simon. He is horrified by what Grace told him regarding Mary. He visits Reverend Verringer for dinner and updates him on Grace’s progress. He learns Mrs. Alderman Parkinson has moved away and won’t be available for interviews. Verringer steers him away from talking to Mrs. Moodie, a sensationalistic writer, but urges him to see Kenneth MacKenzie, Grace’s defense lawyer.

The governor’s wife and Lydia join Verringer and Simon for dinner. Simon realizes he’s being set up with Lydia, but he thinks she is pretty and goes along with it. He agrees to talk to the...

(The entire section is 2182 words.)