Alias Grace Summary and Analysis: Section 4, Chapters 6-11

Margaret Atwood

Summary and Analysis: Section 4, Chapters 6-11

New Characters
Mrs. William P. Jordan: mother of Simon Jordan and a resident of Massachusetts

Dr. Edward Murchie: colleague of Simon Jordan’s who has opened a private practice

Reverend Verringer: Methodist minister whose committee petitions for Grace’s release

Dora: a gossipy maid who works in Simon’s boarding house

Miss Lydia: the governor's daughter who takes a fancy to Simon

Rachel Humphrey: Simon’s landlady who has a desperate and repressed air about her

Warden Smith: warden who mistreats prisoners and may have harmed Grace

Mrs. Quenell: a guest at the governor’s house and a well-known “spiritualist”


(The entire section is 1450 words.)