Alfred Noyes

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Principal Works

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The Loom of Years 1902

The Flower of Old Japan 1903

The Forest of Wild Thyme 1905

Drake 1906-08

The Golden Hynde 1908

Tales of the Mermaid Tavern 1913

Watchers of the Sky 1922

The Book of Earth 1925

The Last Voyage 1930

Shadows on the Down and Other Poems 1941

Collected Poems 1950

A Letter to Lucian and Other Poems 1956

Other Major Works

William Morris (biography) 1908

Rada (drama) 1914

Walking Shadows (short stories) 1918

The Hidden Player (short stories) 1924

Some Aspects of Modern Poetry (criticism) 1924

The Opalescent Parrot (criticism) 1929

Voltaire (biography) 1936

Orchard's Bay (essays) 1939

The Last Man (novel) 1940

Pageant of Letters (criticism) 1940

Two Worlds for Memory (autobiography) 1953

The Accusing Ghost; or, Justice for Casement (essay) 1957

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