Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

In addition to collections of poetry, Alfred Corn published The Metamorphoses of Metaphor: Essays in Poetry and Fiction (1987), which argued the influence of Dante and the French Symbolist movement on a wide variety of writers, most notably Wallace Stevens and Marcel Proust; his best-selling handbook The Poem’s Heartbeat: A Manual of Prosody (1997) critiqued the nature of poetic rhythms. Atlas: Selected Essays, 1989-2007 (2008) brought together two decades of Corn’s critical essays on music, art, theater, and literature. Corn also published Part of His Story (1997), a novel in which a gay writer, after the death of his longtime companion from acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), moves to London and becomes involved in the underground movement for Irish independence. Corn, whose renewed faith in Christianity informs his poetry, edited a collection of nonscholarly reflections on the continuing relevance of the New Testament, Incarnation: Contemporary Writers on the New Testament (1990).