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(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

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Gukovskii, G. A. “Lomonosov, Sumarokov, and the Sumarokov School.” Soviet Studies in Literature 21, no. 1-2 (winter-spring 1984-85): 5-45.

Discusses the art and theories of the poet Mikhail Lomonosov and comparing them with those of Sumarokov.

———. “Toward the Problem of Russian Classicism: Competitions and Translations.” Soviet Studies in Literature 21, no. 1-2 (1984-85): 46-75.

Explores the debate surrounding the translation of the 143rd psalm by Trediakovsky, Lomonosov, and Sumarokov.

Jensen, Kjeld Bjørnager, and Peter Ulf Møller. “Paraphrase and Style: A Stylistic Analysis of Trediakovskijs, Lomonosov's and Sumarokov's Paraphrases of the 143rd Psalm.” Scando-Slavic 16 (1970): 57-73.

Detailed comparison of the individual styles of the three Russian authors in their paraphrases of the 143rd psalm, noting that Sumarokov's version is the most youthful and lyrical.

Kemball, Robin. “A. P. Sumarokov: A Master of Metrics.” In Colloquium Slavicum Basiliense: Gedenkschrift für Hildegard Schroeder, edited by Heinrich Riggenbach, pp. 327-56. Bern, Switzerland: Verlag Peter Lang, 1981.

Examines aspects of Sumarokov's verse technique that are controversial or not fully explored.

Additional coverage of Sumarokov's life and career is contained in the following sources published by Thomson Gale: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 150; and Literature Resource Center.