Alexis Saint-Léger Léger Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Poetry Criticism)

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*Éloges [as Saintléger Léger] 1911

Amitié du prince [Friendship of the Prince] 1924

Anabase [Anabasis] 1924

Exil [Exile] 1942

Pluies [Rains] 1944

Quatre Poèmes 1941-1944 [Four Poems] 1944

Vents [Winds] 1946

Amers [Seamarks] 1953

L'ordre des oixeaux [Birds] 1962

Oeuvres completes [Complete Works] 1972

Chant pour un équinoxe [Song for an Equinox] 1975

Other Major Works

A Selection of Works for an Understanding of World Affairs since 1914 [as Alexis Saintléger Léger] (essays) 1943

On Poetry (speech) 1961

Letters of St.-John Perse (letters) 1979

*Published as an expanded second edition in 1925 under the pseudonym St.-J Perse.