Alexander Pope World Literature Analysis - Essay

Alexander Pope World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Pope has often been thought of only as a personal satirist, a small man in ill health, with a crooked back, spitting out vengeance on the world for his state of affairs. That famous epithet describing him as the “wicked wasp of Twickenham” is a part of the stereotyped image that he bears. Yet Pope is much more than that. The poetic activity in which he discovered the actual shape of his world and its ideal possibilities was the same as that in which he discovered his own feelings, values, and role as a poet within it. As one matured, so did the other.

From youth to adulthood, Pope was busy attempting a variety of poetry to ascertain where his strength lay. After his early Vergilian Pastorals in 1709, he...

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