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What factual information do you know about the crime writer in "No Place to Park"?

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George Harris, the central character in No Place to Park, is a crime fiction writer. In this short story, we learn a few pieces of information about him as a person.

George is skilled in writing fiction about gruesome murders. However, he is getting a little tired of the genre. That is why he takes up the critic's challenge of writing about parking violations.

George's other passion is surfing. He likes the excitement of this activity even though it scares him a little. In fact, one of his surfing aquaintances was recently killed by a shark. His death has been on George's mind ever since.

George lives in a small bungalow with Frizzie, his girlfriend of five years, near Cottesloe Beach. She runs a tie-dye shop in Fremantle.

George is a native of Perth. He has a lot of hometown pride. He always strives to paint his city, its people, and particularly its police department in a positive light in his writings.

As a writer, George takes his work seriously. Although he writes fiction, he always conducts extensive real-world research before he starts writing.

George is an empathetic man. He feels bad for farmers who receive parking tickets because they have so many struggles making a living growing and selling their produce.

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