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Alexander Hamilton—The titular character of the book, Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury. He famously established the US banking system before suffering a blow to his reputation after having an affair. Hamilton died at the hands of Aaron Burr, former Vice President of the United States under President Thomas Jefferson. Burr and Hamilton entered into a duel that the former won.

James Hamilton Sr.—Alexander Hamilton's father, who was of Scottish noble descent.

Rachel Faucette Lavien Hamilton—Hamilton's mother, who died suddenly when he was young.

Johann Michael Lavien—Rachel's husband at the time of her affair with James Hamilton Sr.

James Hamilton, Jr.—Hamilton's brother.

Peter Lytton—Rachel's cousin who was tasked with raising Hamilton and James Hamilton Jr. after Rachel's death. He was found dead in 1769 in what could have been either murder or suicide.

James McNobeny—James Hamilton Jr. lived with McNobeny and was his apprentice after Lytton's death.

Thomas Stevens—Hamilton moved in with Stevens after Lytton's death and became close with Stevens' son, Edward. The two were said to look alike to a degree that it might have been possible that Stevens was Hamilton's biological father. As a result, Stevens favored Hamilton and encouraged his business acumen by employing him.

Hugh Knox—A clergyman who raised money to finance Hamilton's travel to America.

Ann Lytton Venton Mitchell—Hamilton's cousin who supported him during his schooling.

Elizabeth (Eliza) Schuyler Hamilton—Daughter of Phillip Schuyler, Eliza was Hamilton's wife. For decades after his passing, Eliza worked to solidify his legacy and that of George Washington.

George Washington—The first president of the United States, Washington and Hamilton met during the Revolutionary War. Hamilton served as Washington's personal secretary and was made the first Secretary of the Treasury once Washington became President.

Marquis de Lafayette—A Frenchman, Lafayette fought alongside the Americans in the Revolutionary War and developed a personal relationship with Hamilton.

Myles Cooper—President of King's College, which Hamilton attended.

Aaron Burr—Burr and Hamilton were both lawyers after fighting in the Revolutionary War. They had a contentious relationship after Hamilton was less than supportive of Burr's run for Governor. Burr is best known for killing Hamilton in a duel, a crime for which he was not punished.

Philip Schuyler—Hamilton's father-in-law was a celebrated businessman and Senator.

Maria Reynolds—The woman with whom Hamilton had an affair.

James Reynolds—Maria's husband who blackmailed Hamilton to keep the affair a secret.

Thomas Jefferson—Third President of the United States. Jefferson served as President during Burr's Vice Presidential run.