Alexander Barclay Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

This present boke named the shyp of folys of the worlde was tr. out of Laten, Frenche, and Doche in the college of saynt mary Otery by A. Barclay [translator; from Sebastian Brant's poem Das Narrenschiff] (poetry) 1509

The gardyners passetaunce touching the outrage of fraunce (poetry) 1512?

The Towre of Vertue and Honoure (poetry) 1514

Here begynnyth the lyfe of the gloryous martyr saynt George [translator; from a work by Giovanni Battista Spagnolo of Mantua] (poetry) 1515?

The fyfte eglog of Alexander Barclay of the cytezen and Uplondyshman (poetry) 1518?

Here begynneth a ryght frutefull treatyse, intituled the myrrour of good maners, conteynyng the.iiii. vertues [translator; from Domenico Mancini's treatise De quattuor virtutibus] (treatise) 1518?

The boke of Codrus and Mynalcas. The fourthe eglog of A. Barcley (poetry) 1521?

Here begynneth the introductory to wryte, and to pronounce Frenche (prose) 1521

Here begynneth the Egloges of Alexander Barclay prest wherof the fyrst thre conteyneth the myseryes of courters & courtes (prose) 1530?

The Ship of Fooles … with diuers other workes [edited by John Cawood] (poetry) 1874

The Ship of Fools. 2 vols. [edited by T. H. Jamieson] (poetry) 1874

The Mirrour of Good Manners by Alexander Barclay (poetry) 1885

The Eclogues of Alexander Barclay [edited by Beatrice White] (poetry) 1928

The Life of St. George [edited by William Nelson] (poetry) 1955

The Gardyners Passetaunce [edited by Franklin B. Williams, Jr., and Howard M. Nixon] (poetry) 1985