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Aleck Maury

Aleck Maury, a Southern sportsman. Trained in the classics by his father and his aunt and further educated at the University of Virginia, he becomes a teacher in several small schools and colleges. His principal loves, however, are fishing and hunting, which he cultivates as fine arts.

James Morris

James Morris, his uncle, a Virginia planter who introduces Aleck to fox hunting.

Victoria (Aunt Vic) Morris

Victoria (Aunt Vic) Morris, his aunt, a rigorous disciplinarian and learned woman who broadens and stimulates Aleck in his studies.

Julian Morris

Julian Morris, his cousin, who hates studies and loves sports.

Doug Fayerlee

Doug Fayerlee, owner of Merry Point.

Sarah Fayerlee

Sarah Fayerlee, his wife.

Molly Fayerlee

Molly Fayerlee, the Fayerlees’ younger daughter, whom Aleck marries. She dies a number of years later after an operation.

Richard Maury

Richard Maury, Aleck and Molly’s son. He enjoys swimming and wrestling rather than hunting and fishing. He is accidentally drowned.

Sarah (Sally) Maury

Sarah (Sally) Maury, Richard’s younger sister.


Steve, Sarah’s husband, a scholar and author.


Rafe, a handyman in the Maury home, a giant black man who teaches young Aleck to hunt raccoons.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones, a mill owner who takes young Aleck fishing and instills in him a lifelong love of the sport.

Harry Morrow

Harry Morrow, Aleck’s assistant at the seminary and later his superior as president of Rodman College.

William Mason

William Mason, a friend from whom Aleck gets a hunting dog.

Colonel Wyndham

Colonel Wyndham, a fishing expert and friend of Aleck.

Jim Buford

Jim Buford, a friend with whom Aleck lives for two years after Molly’s death.




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