Alcuin Principal Works - Essay


Principal Works

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

Ars grammatica [On Grammar] (treatise) 782 or after

De dialectica [On Dialectics] (treatise) 782 or after

De orthographia [On Orthography] (treatise) 782 or after

De virtutibus et vitiis [On the Virtues and Vices] (treatise) 782 or after

Disputatio regalis et nobilissimi iuvenis Pippini cum Albino scholastico [Dialogue of Pepin, the Most Noble and Royal Youth, with the Teacher Albinus] (treatise) 782 or after

Disputatio de rhetorica et de virtutibus sapientissimi Regis Carli et Albini magistri [Debate of the Wisest King Charles and the Teacher Alcuin, about Rhetoric and the Virtues] (treatise) 782 or after

Treatise de Fide Trinitatis [On the Faith of the Holy and Undivided Trinity] (treatise) 782 or after

Adversus Felicis haeresin libelles [Book Against the Heresy of Felix] (treatise) 798 or after

Contra Elipandum libri IV [Four Books against Elipandus] (treatise) 800

Contra Felicem Urgellitanum episcopum libri VII [Seven Books against Felix of Urgel] (treatise) 800

De fide sanctae et individuae Trinitatis with appendix De trinitate ad Fredegisum Quaestiones XXVIII [On the Faith of the Holy and Undivided Trinity] (treatise) 802

The Rhetoric of Alcuin and Charlemagne (translated by Wilbur Samuel Howell) 1941

Alcuin of York: His Life and Letters (translated by Stephen Allott) 1974

Two Alcuin Letter-Books (translated by Colin Chase) 1975

The Bishops, Kings, and Saints of York (translated by Peter Godman) 1982

Poetry of the Carolingian Renaissance (translated by Peter Godman) 1985