According to The Alchemist, which is more important: the treasure or the journey itself?

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In the novel The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho, a young boy named Santiago goes on a journey to find his own personal legend. Throughout the novel, Coelho implies that the journey itself is much more important than finding the treasure at the end of the path.

There are many examples in this novel that prove that the journey itself is more important than finding the treasure. One example is when Santiago first has his dream of going to the Pyramids. Had Santiago never had this dream, he would never have met the old king who tells him about the concept of a personal legend and advises him to sell his sheep and to also learn from others.

A second example is when Santiago meets the Englishman and the two continue on together to their own personal legends. By traveling together, Santiago realizes that every person has their own path in life and that this is a good thing because it creates a diverse world. Also, had Santiago not gone with the Englishman to the oasis, he never would have met Fatima.

A third example is when Santiago meets Fatima. By pursuing his personal legend, Santiago meets the love of his life and realizes that his love for her is his treasure.

All of Santiago's experiences prove that the meaning of life is finding one's happiness which is not found with wealth, but rather, with living.

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