Principal Works

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Rasa'il al-Jahiz (essay) 1352

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* Al-Hayawan. 7 vols. [The Book of Animals] (essay) 1356-64

Al-Bukhala [The Book of Misers] (essay) 1359

Al-Qiyan [The Book of Singing Slave Girls] (essay) 1935

Al-Bayan wa al-Tabyin. 4 vols. [The Book of Eloquence and Exposition] (essay) 1367-70

'Uthmaniyya (essay) 1374

Al-Bursan wal-'Urjan wal-'Umyan was-Hulan [The Lepers, the Lame, the Blind and the Cross-Eyed] (essay) 1972

*This title is also translated as The Book of Life.

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