Principal Works

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

Falsafat Alfātun [Philosophy of Plato] (essay) 10th century

Falsafat Aristūtālīs [Philosophy of Aristotle] (essay) 10th century

Ihsā‘ al ‘Ulūm [Enumeration of the Sciences] (essay) 10th century

Kitāb al-Huruf [Book of Letters] (essay) 10th century

Kitāb Ihsa al-Ulūm [Classification of the Sciences] (essay) 10th century

Kitāb Iysaghuji ay Al-Madkhal [Commentary on Porphyry’s “Isagoge”] (essay) 10th century

Kitab al-Jam‘ Bayn Ra’yay al-Hakimayn Aflatun al-Ilahiy wa-Aristutalis [Reconciliation of the Views of the Two Sages: Plato the Divine and Aristotle] (essay) 10th century

Kitāb al Milla wa-Nusūs [Book of Religion] (essay) 10th century

Kitāb Qataghuriyas ay Al-Maqulat [Commentary on Aristotle’s “Categories”] (essay) 10th century

Kitāb al-Qiyas al-Sāghir [Commentary on Aristotle’s “Prior Analytics”] (essay) 10th century

Mabadi‘ Ārā' Ahl al-Madīnah al-Fādilah [The Virtuous City] (essay) 10th century

Risālah fi al‘Aql [Epistle on the Intellect] (essay) 10th century

Sharh li Kitāb Aristūtalis fī al-‘Ibārah [Commentary on Aristotle’s “On Interpretation”] (essay) 10th century

Tahsīl al-Sa'āda [The Attainment of Happiness] (essay) 10th century

Talkhis Nawamis Aflatun [Compendium of Plato’s “Laws”] (essay) 10th century

Al-Farabi's Commentary and Short Treatise on Aristotle's “De interpretatione” (translated by F. W. Zimmerman) 1981

Al-Farabi on the Perfect State (translated by Richard Walzer) 1985

*Alfarabi: The Political Writings: “Selected Aphorisms” and Other Texts (translated by Charles E. Butterworth) 2001

Alfarabi: Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle (translated by Muhsin Mahdi) 2001

*This collection contains Selected Aphorisms, Enumeration of the Sciences, Book of Religion, and The Harmonization of the Two Opinions of the Two Sages: Plato the Divine and Aristotle.

†This collection contains Attainment of Happiness, Philosophy of Plato, and Philosophy of Aristotle.