Al Capone Does My Shirts

by Gennifer Choldenko

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Where does Piper live after the laundry scheme in Al Capone Does My Shirts?

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Piper is sent to live off the island with her grandmother at Nob Hill after the kids get caught in the laundry scheme.

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In Gennifer Choldenko's Al Capone Does My Shirts , Piper Williams is a world-class schemer who manages to get her friends into plenty of trouble. Piper is the daughter of the warden at Alcatraz prison, and she lives on the island with her family. Other families live there, too, including...

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that Moose Flanagan (the story'sprotagonist and narrator).

Piper comes up with the idea of selling prison laundry services to the island kids' classmates. For a small fee, the kids can brag that their laundry has been washed by the likes of Al Capone. Moose refuses to participate in this scheme, but when all the kids get caught, he has to share the blame because he knew about it and didn't try to stop it or tell anyone.

The warden scolds everyone but Piper and even threatens that if the kids break the rules again, he will fire their fathers. Piper seems to get off with no consequences, but this is not actually so. For a while after the laundry scheme, Piper goes to live off island with her grandmother on Nob Hill. One of the other kids says that this is her punishment for the laundry scheme, but Piper downplays it and says that she is just "sick to death" of the other kids. Moose is glad Piper is gone. "It makes everything easier," he explains.

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Where is Piper sent to live until late March in Al Capone Does My Shirts?

Piper orchestrates a scheme that involves several other children on the island. She tells kids that for a fee, they can have their laundry done by Al Capone himself, with the laundry tags to supposedly prove it.

The warden, who is Piper's father, finds out about the shenanigans when he receives a letter of complaint from a local woman of high social standing. After realizing her own son had come home without his shirt, she began investigating the situation; her son told her that "the notorious gangster inmate Al Capone" was going to launder his shirt and that Piper and her friends had orchestrated the service.

Mrs. Del Peabody threatens to contact the local paper and the mayor's office if the warden doesn't resolve the situation immediately. Piper shifts the blame and buddies up to her father, who scolds the others for not taking personal responsibility for the situation.

Afterward, Piper disappears for a while; she is temporarily sent to stay with her grandmother on Nob Hill. Although Piper indicates that her absence reflects the fact that she's "sick to death" of their group, Annie asserts that the real reason Piper disappears is because she got into trouble for her role in the laundry scheme. In late March, the weather on the island improves, and Piper returns to Alcatraz.

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