Al Capone Does My Shirts

by Gennifer Choldenko

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What happens to the baseballs hit over the prison wall in Al Capone Does My Shirts?

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In Al Capone Does My Shirts, the baseballs that the convicts hit over the prison wall are kept by the children. Baseball games are regularly played at Alcatraz, and so there are always potentially plenty of balls for the children to collect.

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One day in Miss Bimp's class, Scout asks Moose if it's possible for them to play baseball with the convicts inside Alcatraz. Piper has told him about the ball games, and his imagination has clearly been piqued by the prospect that he might just get to play baseball with the prison's most notorious inmate, the gangster Al Capone.

But Scout is soon disappointed. Moose tells him that they're not allowed to play with the inmates. Scout claims, somewhat unconvincingly, that he wouldn't want to anyway.

But he can't conceal his fascination with Al Capone and tells Moose that he's heard that Capone plays first base, something he'd like to see. He'd like to know if the prison authorities let Moose and the other kids watch the games.

The answer to this question is no. However, the kids are allowed to keep any baseballs hit over the prison wall by the convicts. Once more, Scout shows his fascination for Al Capone by asking if this perk applies to any baseball hit by the infamous gangster. Moose doesn't know, but it's an intriguing possibility all the same.

If Moose manages to get his hands on one of the baseballs, Scout would really like to have a look at it. It'd certainly be more interesting than getting his shirt washed, that's for sure.

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