Agustín Moreto yCabaña Biography


Agustín Moreto y Cabaña was born to Agustín Moreto and Violante Cabaña, both of whom had come from Italy and settled in Madrid. The exact date of his birth is unknown, although he was baptized on April 9, 1618. The family was apparently affluent, as a result of the elder Moreto’s success as a merchant. Moreto attended the University of Alcalá, from which he was graduated in December of 1639. His earliest known literary effort, a poem eulogizing the poet Juan Perez Montalbán on the occasion of the latter’s funeral, predates his graduation by a few months.

By 1642, he was a cleric of minor orders in the Church of Santa María Magdalena, in Toledo. By the time his father died, in January of 1643, Moreto was a member of the Academia Castellana. Moreto died on October 28, 1669.