Agents of Darkness

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Charlie Galloway was once a “star” of the Los Angeles Police Department, but time, stress, and departmental politics combined to tip him over the edge into full-fledged alcoholism. Completely out of control, both personally and professionally, he’s been removed from duty by the police department and abandoned by his long-suffering wife.

The murder of his Filipina housekeeper, however, has a cathartic effect on Charlie. He convinces himself that locating her killer will provide the impetus for his redemption. Unfortunately for Charlie, the object of his quest is connected with an assassin determined to avenge an atrocity which occurred in the Philippines with the acquiescence of three members of the CIA. Furthermore, one of the individuals in question is under consideration as Director of Central Intelligence. If news of the Philippine outrage becomes public, the political career of a powerful senator will be irretrievably destroyed.

Campbell Armstrong weaves a powerful tale of treachery, ambition, personal failure, and sexual license. The narrative shifts successively from the pathetic yet occasionally insightful Charlie to the enigmatic and vengeance-consumed assassin, the ethically flexible emotionally deprived nominee, and finally the morally ambiguous goal-oriented politician. AGENTS OF DARKNESS is anything but an accelerating page-turner, but it nonetheless grips the reader as the author patiently navigates his way through the labyrinth of the human psyche. It is a shattering but wholly believable tale of the lengths to which individuals will go to secure or attain power.