Chapter 15 Summary

Archer spends Friday and Saturday at the home of the Chiverses, having fun on an ice boat and on a long tour of Reggie’s farm. On Sunday he goes to Skuytercliff, only to find that Ellen is not there. He discovers that she went to church with Mrs. van der Luyden, and he goes out looking for them. He is walking down the lane when he sees a woman in a red coat and eventually identifies her as Ellen.

Upon greeting her, he tells her that he came to see what made her run away. Ellen shrugs off his question, telling him that she was cold and wanted to run to warm up. Confused, Archer follows her to a small guesthouse on the van der Luyden estate. The door is unlocked; a small fire has been built inside. Mr. van der...

(The entire section is 596 words.)