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Anders Nygren (1890–1978) was a Swedish Lutheran reverend, the Bishop of Lund, and a professor of systematic theology and Christian doctrine.

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1) "The man who is loved by God has no value in himself; what gives him value is precisely the fact that God loves him. Agape is a value-creating principle."

Firstly, this quote explains the difference between agape and eros. Agape stems from the Greek word meaning "selfless love." This is a concept in Christian theology, and agape is also defined as Christian love. This differs from eros, which is erotic love or desire.

Secondly, Nygren claims a human has no value on their own, but the value is gained when they are loved by the Christian god. Agape, or Christian love, gives a person value.

2) "It is beyond question that God's love is unmotivated and spontaneous; and therefore it also beyond question for Him that a man's love for his neighbour should be spontaneous and unmotivated."

This quote harkens to the Christian principle of "love thy neighbor." Nygren says a Christian's love for others should be true and without motivation or selfish intentions. Because the Christian God loves a person, others should love them as well.

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