After the Reunion

At the end of CLASS REUNION, each of the characters feels trapped in a life dictated by the shallow dreams of her youth. Emily, the mousy suburban wife; Annabelle, the perennial free spirit; Chris, the professional woman; and Daphne, the girl who has everything: Each has what she thought she wanted, but none of the four is happy. The question each must now confront is whether it is too late to make major life changes. Willingly or not, they find that they must face themselves and decide. Divorces, remarriages, lovers, and new relationships with growing children all play a part in the well-crafted plot.

Jaffe’s excellent characterizations keep the reader sympathetic toward these women. One is glad when they all seem to find new and better answers. While this is an overly optimistic depiction of life, a wish-fulfillment fantasy, rather than a serious examination of women’s mid-life crises, it is an enjoyable story. Any reader who liked the first book will be interested in this sequel.