African Diasporic Short Fiction Criticism: Major Canadian Authors Of The African Diaspora - Essay

Leslie Sanders (essay date spring-summer 1997)

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: Sanders, Leslie. “‘The Mere Determination to Remember’: M. Nourbese Philip's ‘Stop Frame.’” West Coast Line 31, no. 1 (spring-summer 1997): 134-42.

[In the following essay, Sanders maintains that the main thematic concerns of M. Nourbese Philip's “Stop Frame” are “memory and history and, in part, the relation of what has become, in North America and the Caribbean at least, competing memories of slavery and the Holocaust.”]

[S]ome of the reasons why I consciously try to remember what did not happen to me personally, but which accounts for my being here today: to defy a culture that wishes to forget; to rewrite a history...

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Charlotte Sturgess (essay date 1999)

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: Sturgess, Charlotte. “Dionne Brand: Writing the Margins.” In Caribbean Women Writers, edited by Mary Condé and Thorunn Lonsdale, pp. 202-16. New York: St. Martin's Press, Inc., 1999.

[In the following essay, Sturgess considers Dionne Brand's particular status as “a Trinidadian Canadian black lesbian feminist” through a theoretically informed analysis of stories from Sans Souci and Other Stories.]

‘There is always something that must be remembered, something that cannot be forgotten, something that must be weighed.’1

In Dionne Brand's writing the effort of the ‘not forgetting’, the...

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