Africa Kills Her Sun

by Ken Saro-Wiwa

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Student Question

What are some examples of satire in "Africa Kills Her Sun"?

Expert Answers

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Though it is written as a final communication between man condemned to death and his previous lover, "Africa Kills her Sun" is actually a piece of satire that discusses the corruption in Nigeria and Africa in general.

The primary irony of the letter is how Bana, the writer of the letter, believes that his circumstances are preferable to any other, even though he is about to be killed. He states that he and his two fellow robbers who are about to die are far luckier than anyone else, since after tomorrow, they will not have to live in corruption.

Bana also insists that his choice to become a robber was one of morality, another point of ironic satire. He considered this preferable to living in a corrupted society. As an armed robber, he was at least honest about the theft he was committing.

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