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  • Galbraith frequently refers to the effect of the depression on American ideas about economics. What economic conditions led to the stock market crash of 1929? What effect did it have on the American society and the American economy? What governmental policies were instituted in response to the depression? To what extent were these policies effective?
  • Galbraith makes frequent reference to the status of the American economy during World War II. Learn more about the impact of the war on the American economy. What effect did the war effort have on employment rates, inflation, and consumer spending? To what extent did these changes persist in the post-war era?
  • Find out more about the current state of the American economy. What are considered to be the strengths and weaknesses of the current economy? What measures are under consideration for addressing current economic issues?
  • Galbraith mentions a number of different economists from throughout European and American history. Pick one of the key figures he mentions and learn more about this person. What are the central ideas of this economist? To what historical and national context was this person responding? To what extent do you find this person’s ideas relevant today?
  • Galbraith’s discussion focuses primarily on the American economy of the twentieth century. Find out more about the economy of another nation. What is the current status of the economy in that nation? What are the central economic problems of that nation today? What measures are being implemented or considerated to address these problems?

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