The Aesopic Fable Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


Goldsmith, Oliver. "The Life of Aesop." In Bewick's Select Fables of Aesop, pp. i-ix. New York: Cheshire House, 1932.

Reprints an eighteenth-century biographical essay which tries to separate fact from myth regarding the Greek fabulist's life.


Allott, Terence. "John Ogilby, the British Fabulist—A Precursor of La Fontaine … And his Model?" Papers on French Seventeenth Century Literature XXII, No. 44 (1996): 105-14.

Speculated that the 1668 collection of fables by the French writer Jean de La Fontaine may have been based on the Aesopic fables of Scots publisher and printer...

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