Book 9 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is Turnus compared to as he paces the Trojan’s walls?

2. What does Euryalus say is a cheap price for honor?

3. Why does Euryalus not bid his mother good-bye?

4. What three things foreshadow the death of Nisus and Euryalus?

5. What final attempt does Nisus make to save his friend?

6. What two gods are used in the simile describing Turnus hauling a Trojan down from the fort’s walls?

7. Why doesn’t Bitias’ spear hit Turnus?

8. What simile is used to describe the death of the giant Bitias?

9. What mistake does Turnus make once within the Trojan camp?

10. How does the Tiber respond to Turnus’ dive?

1. He is compared to a starving wolf at a sheep pen.

2. He says life is a cheap price for honor.

3. He says he could not stand against her tears.

4. First, Nisus says he would prefer that Euryalus survive him if there were some disaster. Second, Euryalus provides for his mother in case of his death. Finally, the narrative says, as they depart, that the tidings Ascanius gives the pair for Aeneas are “useless offerings” (416).

5. Nisus shows himself to the Italian horsemen after Volcens says he will punish Euryalus in place of the person who had just killed two members of his troop.

6. Turnus is likened to Jove’s eagle or Mars’ wolf.

7. Juno’s intervention protects Turnus from Bitias’ spear.

8. He is likened to a stone pier falling into the ocean.

9. Turnus does not open the gates to let his companion in.

10. The river welcomes Turnus.

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