Book 8 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Virgil describe Tiberinus?

2. What offering does Aeneas make to Juno?

3. Why does Evander recognize Aeneas?

4. How does Cacus attempt to hide the location of the cattle he steals?

5. How do Hercules’ troubles parallel Aeneas’?

6. How did Cacus decorate the outside of his cave?

7. Why is Mezentius no longer on his throne?

8. Who forges Aeneas’ wonderful armor?

9. What two people does Augustus face at Actium?

10. What different names are given for the forces whose aid Aeneas seeks?

1. Tiberinus is dressed in sea-green linen, with a crown of reeds on his head.

2. He offers her the white sow and her 30 piglets.

3. Evander had met Anchises long ago and saw the family resemblance in Aeneas.

4. He makes the cattle walk backward into his cave.

5. Both Aeneas and Hercules are plagued by the angry Juno.

6. Cacus’ cave had men’s heads hung outside of it.

7. Mezentius was ejected from his kingdom for his tyranny.

8. Aeneas’ armor is forged by Vulcan, who is technically his stepfather.

9. Augustus is fighting against Antony and Cleopatra.

10. They are called Tuscans, Etruscans, Etrurians, Maeonia’s sons, and Lydians.

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